Dr Faustus - Christopher Marlowe

Dr Faustus

Play by Christopher Marlowe, 1592

Concept & Design: Jovana Gospavić
Performer: Jared Rene Garfield
Photography: Chuck Taylor

London College of Fashion UAL
London, 2015

This interpretation explores varieties of transformations of mythological symbols of recognition and contrasts to their primal archetypical descriptions. The performance is based on dramatical situation of Faustian pact with Luifer by signing the contract with his blood. Red cords are representation of Faustus' blood (direct association with Buttoh's theatre methods) and an image of his soul (connected with story of acient Fates/Morais). By the end of this performance Faustus is left  as ‘tabula rasa’ in a pure white garment with tubes as scars, which are the reminders of the action that he has provided and consequences that he is yet to experince.