Baby Mine

short film
Flat Cap Films 2016
Costume Design by Jovana Gospavic
When her volatile Middle Eastern husband kidnaps their child, Sarah blindly recruits a prejudiced neighbour to hunt them down. A sense of dread slowly tightens its grip as a little girl's life hangs in the balance and a new threat rears its head.
Starting: Alexander Siddig, Rachael Stirling, Alex Ferns, Grace Taylor

Directed by Nour Wazzi
Writers: Shirine Best, Ellie Emptage, Nour Wazzi
Music by David M Saunders
Cinematography by Rina Yang
Film Editing by Vee Pinot
Production Design by Antonia Lowe
Art Direction by Amaya Valentina
Makeup artist: Florence May Carter
Costume assistant: Charlotte Rozario